J-Corder in the News


"This modded R2R sounds so good it's used in professional recording studios. Whether listening to the best master dubs, making party mix tapes, or recording needle drops to preserve precious vinyl, the J-Corder is analog magic." 


"Now this was a fun room. If every you wanted to own a fully restored reel to reel, Jeff can help you out. Not only can you get a bone stick looking bu fully restored R2R, Jeff will also customize one to suit your personal tastes."

Scott Faller, Enjoy the Music


"J-Corder offers beautiful cosmetic options with completely rebuilt Technics prosumer reel-to-reek machines that not only preserve the Technics; original functionality but also bring those highly reliable decks ack to their original specifications - and becyond with J-Corder performance options."

The Absolute Sound 2018 High-End Buyers Guide


"Jeff Jacobs is an old hand in the hifi business having spent the better part of 40 years as an authorized dealer, and technician for the likes of Technics, Pioneer, Marantz, Sony – Bang and Olufsen – you get the picture. He also loves restoring vintage automobiles, so it was a natural move for Jacobs to turn his restoration genius to the big analog tape decks that once ruled the audiophile world 30-40 years ago, and start J-Corder."