"I'm absolutely delighted with the results of your rebuild and upgrade of my two Technics decks.  Even set-up as playback-only and utilized for transfers of historic music tapes, the sparkling sound, crisp transients, depth and detail are remarkable, and with noticeably improved speed stability. This takes archival sound retrieval with the Technics platform to a new level.  Well done and well worth it."

Dave Radlauer 

Award-Winning Broadcaster 

Second-Generation Audiophile

"I am delighted with Black Magic... You certainly packed it well and it survived the journey ok (to the UK). I connected it up over the weekend and put it through its paces and it performed with flying colors, silky smooth operation and on rewinding a 10.5" reel the tape alignment looked ultra flat on the reel.  I have now recorded a whole tape and I am pleased with the results for a four track. It also looks very imposing and much larger than I recall...Once again, thank you for restoring the machine for me, your workmanship is 1st class and I will have no hesitation in telling people where it came from."  

David Johnhill Emerton 

Dorset, England

"I received the machine today and I'm extremely satisfied with it. I never thought that my sound system was able to produce such a warm sound. Fantastic, and it is absolutely correct that a recording sounds better than the original. I tried it out today with an LP from around the production years of those Technics machines, Janis Ian's Miracle Row, and it was really amazing. So thanks a lot, Jeff, I'm glad that I ordered this. Also mechanically everything is working smoothly. I'm using a 230V to 110V transformator and this works perfectly, so no problems with this US version on a European electricity net. I'm looking forward to a lot of listening pleasure.  

Thanks again, I will recommend your business to those who also become interested in those beautiful analog sound."

Erik de Beer 



"Jeff's restored machines are works of art, totally beautiful inside and out. I've been using the "Ruby 1520" for playback on this Nat "King" Cole project for months now. It's a killer machine... Not many tape machines I've ever used while wearing white gloves but this is one of them. The sound is neutral yet majestic and the machine is light enough to carry around (unlike an ATR-102). It's a joy to work with."

Steve Hoffman

Mastering Engineer


"Jeff, It was nice talking to you again. I called you to let you know how impressed I was with the tape handling of the J-Corder units that were delivered to Tom. I have had the opportunity to work with many machines in the course of installing the Doshi pre-amplfier all over the world, and the results that I observed with the J-Corder Technics as a transport are among the very best I have ever seen. The combination of the rebuilt transport and Flux Magnetics Heads installed by JRF delivered a superb result with respect to frequency response and tape path stability. It proves that the Technics transport, when upgraded by you, can play with the big boys and show them a few tricks. As an engineer, I always tend to weigh the technical performance more. However, in this case, I would be remiss if I did not remark on the stunning cosmetics as well. Congrats to all."

Nick Doshi