We are proud to work with Ortofon to bring you their exceptional headshells and cartridges. Chosen by many high end turntable manufacturers (including Technics) as a factory choice for a cartridge and by vinyl fans across the world. Ortofon's impressive lineup of cartridges and headshells have been made to provide the kind of playback you are looking for based on your selection and taste.

Tonearms, Cartridges and More

Technics EPA-100 Tonearm

Technics EPA-100 Tonearm

Cadenza Bronze MC Cartridge

Cadenza Bronze MC 

Ortofon Cadenza Red MC Cartridge

Cadenza Red MC

Ortofon LH-4000 Headshell

LH-4000 Headshell

Quintet Blue MC

Quintet Blue MC

Ortofon Quintet Red MC Cartridge

Quintet Red MC